Back in Doha – Crowne Plaza & Nobu Review

IMG_3342Having spent 10 years of my life in the Middle East, coming back to the region always gives me mixed feelings. This time I had one of those crazy 1 full day (over two nights) trip from Madrid to Doha for a customer workshop.

It was great to see old colleagues from the customer side again, but that is not the purpose of this blog, so let’s get into it…

Crowne Plaza Business Park

As you would know by now, I try as much as I can to stick to one hotel chain, so that loyalty can be recognized, and make the “home away from home” experience a bit less painful. And the chain I current follow is the IHG, so I picked the Crowne Plaza Business Park hotel.

The hotel experience was extremely good, especially for the business purpose of the trip and the location of my meeting. I decided to implement a more structured way to review, so i gathered a few points that I consider important for me in a hotel. This way, I believe my review would be more contextual and easy to understand. Hope you like it.

Location: It ain’t West Bay, with a nice sea view, lots of restaurants, etc… But for me in particular it is very well located in between the Airport and my customer head-office, so in my case this is excellent.

Loyalty: As expected, my loyalty was recognized upon check-in and a room upgrade was given, apart from a few extra perks (bonus points, free internet (?? this one honestly should be standard no matter what!!), etc… excellent.

Check-in  / Out Processes: Overall a smooth experience, but I must admit I did both check in and check out at unusual timings, so did not experience any line. But for now, it was excellent.

Food: For my taste, the food is something that could be improved. I had lunch at Aramede and food was average. For the standard of the hotel, i would expect more variety in the menu, but because it is Ramadan, I would not be too picky here. A bit let down for me was to find out that the RODIZIO restaurant was closed due to Ramadan. Being a Brazilian, I was really looking forward to some nice meat, but where I went instead did raise the finish of the night (more details down below)!

Facilities: This time I did not use any facilities (normally I only use the GYM), but I have visited already and considering this a Business Hotel, I would rate it good.

Power Supply: Again, if you have read any of my previous posts, you would understand that having a smart power supply distribution in the room is one of the most important aspects of the room, apart of course from a king size bed and cleanliness 🙂 . And they delivered on this part! Plenty of power supplies, conveniently located next to the bed, to the office desk, etc… allowing a smooth set up. Excellent!

Cleanliness: Nothing to say here, apart from  excellent. Clean Room, bathroom, great house-keeping, etc… what I expected, but important to recognized when delivered!

Overall, I am a big fan of this hotel. The only point that could be an issue is the location, depending on the purpose of your trip and the places you have to go the most. Doha can be a bit of a pain in terms of traffic, so that could be an issue.

NOBU – What a nice dinner experience!

Remember I mentioned above my disappointment that RODIZIO was closed during Ramadan?? Yup, there are bad things that happen for a reason ….

Talking to a colleague of mine, we decided to look out for a japanese restaurant instead (I am a foodie, so I can go from meat to raw fish in a heart-beat!). We found out there is a NOBU in Doha!


We decided to try that out! And it is worth it!!

NOBU is located at the Four Seasons Hotel, right in the end of a “pier”. The whole scene is amazing, with nice view of Doha landscape, fancy yachts and great restaurant in all aspects.

We tried a “Summer Omakase” which is a chef’s selection of dishes, from starter, sushis, main course and dessert. A big clap for the TORO, which was just melting in my mouth … (right now it is 6am, I am at the airport, and it was so good I am wishing I could eat more now for breakfast, for you to have an idea!). Another great finishing was the MATCHA TIRAMISU. FANTASTIC!

Of course, being Nobu, it is a bit pricey, but honestly speaking this Summer Omakase was a reasonable deal considering the quality of the food you get and the overall experience!

Time to fly back now! 

I like the new experiences I have when I am traveling, but nothing makes me happier than coming back home to my family! So time to board again! But in a few days I will check-in again, in another location, and this time it promises to be an epic weekend … Toscana here we go (Yes … me and wife, on a honeymoon-like trip! yeay!!!!)

See you at the next check-in …. 


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