Indigo Hotel – VictoriaPlatz Fashion-style, customer experience driven hotel

When traveling, normally i stay in one or two hotel chains, as i feel that, since we have to be far away from home, get a least a feeling that you are “welcome back” is something that makes the overall experience more pleasant.
This “welcome back” can come in different ways, whether a simple recognition of your loyalty, a welcome drink, additional points, a free upgrade, or even the simple fact that you know the place enough that it is just a bit more comfortable.
I decided to try a new brand within the Intercontinental Hotel Group on a trip i had to Dusseldorf: Indigo Hotel. It was close enough to the airport and the customer i was visiting and it was one of the chains that i normally stay … and it was also in a very good price range … so why not right?
But i must admit, the two times I have been there it has been extremely nice. Friendly staff at check-in counter, immediate recognition of my loyalty with IHG, with room upgrade without even asking for it on both occasions.
The rooms are very trendy, with a fashion vibe, breaking a bit the normal (and very often boring) hotel scene … It also has some few amenities like a Coffee Machine in the room and complimentary water (living 10 years in the Middle East i got used to have complimentary water always, but somehow in Europe this is not a standard rule).
Being an business person, one of the first we look after a hotel room are the power outlets. Nothing is more irritating when you get into a room that has very limited outlets and/or located in very strange locations, like an empty corner, behind a sofa, etc… Ok, call me picky, but for me this is part of the comfort, to be able to set up my working station, put my phones to charge, etc…
Indigo is amazing on this point. There are not just a lot of power outlets in the room, but they are well located as well (i.e.: close to the bed, next to a working desk, to the TV, etc…).
Basic Gym facilities (nothing especial here, but at least they have it) and very friendly and tasty restaurant, great for that evening bite when you just arrive and do not feel like going out. The Chicken Caesar Salad is a error-free choice!
If you are in Dusseldorf and your expectations match the ones I describe, i would definitely recommend checking this out!
See you at the next check-in! 

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