We found Xiao Long Bao in Madrid!

After leaving in Dubai for 10 years and also going to a lot of asian countries for work and family vacations, we are in love with Asian food!

And since I have been in Taiwan, and later took the family to Hong Kong, and finally got very lucky that they opened in Dubai as well, we were completely obsessed with Din Tai Fung (well, we still are!!) and especially their Xiao Long Bao, which is a very unique Taiwanese style dim sum which has a very rich broth inside and really it is to die for!!

After we moved to Madrid last summer, we were always in the hunt for good asian food, and we did found some. But something was missing …. until one day, we were just walking by the streets of Madrid, heading to a Korean restaurant i wanted to try, when we saw this little place in Calle Barbieri number 4 …

My wife had the feeling we should try that instead …. and she was …. absolutely right!!

The place is just perfect … relax environment, cool people, and amazing food! They do not restrict to chinese food only (despite the name), and they offered really rich dishes, such as a Secreto which is really yummy, the Korean Kimchi Fried Rice is amazing, and we found a very, very close to the original Xiao Long Bao. It is delicious and very truth to the original flavors! It is a piece of Taiwan, in Madrid!

We really recommend it!

I will leave the details here and leave your comments here if you liked if you go there!

Restaurante CHAN Street
Chinese Restaurant
AddressCalle de Barbieri, 4, 28004 Madrid
Phone910 52 87 20

See you at the next check-in! 


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